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Comments: Yes I can confirm that I am still experiencing flickering issues even AFTER the firmware update. In fact I applied and only 1-2 hrs later thinking it had fixed things the flickering has started again. It's less severe than it previously was but it most certainly has not fixed it.. This is definitely a hardware issue I believe now.. My replacement i7 arrived yesterday (it's definitely a week 51 based on Serial) and flickered and blacked out out of the box. The firmware seems to have improved it a bit but unfortunately it still flickers.. Given this is the REPLACEMENT machine already I have little faith that pursuing yet another replacement is a good idea

Specs: 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB

Source of comments: drzeus

Serial Number: W8951

Date Ordered:

Date Shipped: 2009-12-15

Date Arrived: 2009-12-22

Destination: Australia

Courier: UPS