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Comments: New imac i7 quad core, had it for a few days and then did the flicker thing a few times. It then went away for about a week and now is back again and worse.

I used to work for Apple doing repairs (a long time back before they opened the apple store here in arizona). So I called up some people I knew that are still doing that and put some calls in to the reseller help line. At the time they confessed that no one had heard of it, and I pointed them to this thread and the youtube videos.

They then insulted me by going through the same thing they always do, restart, pram, plug reset, etc... which I had all already done.

I decided not to swap my machine out and instead am going to try and order parts and see if I can fix the problem. I put in a request to get a replacement video card today. If that is the where the issue lies, I expect Apple may send me a notice that the part is on backorder. I haven't heard any word as of yet. They overnight the parts so I should have it on Monday. I will pick it up from my friend at the Apple store and do the repair then if it comes. Update Dec 9: Replaced the video card today and the problem did not go away. This tells me it is not the video card itself (or it is all of the video cards) or Apple is shipping repurposed video cards that have not had the problem corrected.

I ordered the LCD and Display cable today and they will be here in the morning tomorrow. I will replace them and report back.

The only other things it could possible be is the inverter (I doubt), software possibly (but I have my reasons I don't believe that), powersupply (maybe a voltage regulation problem or something).

Also, the whole things has to come apart to swap the graphics card, so I took everything out and reseated everything back in. So it is not a loose cable or anything like that.

Specs: 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB

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Date Arrived: 2009-12-04

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