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Comments: So I'm on my 2nd i5 now. Have had it since 11/30/09, puchased it in my local Apple Store. Today I called AppleCare because the high pitched whiney noise you get when reducing the brightness below 100% is finally to the point where I'm tired of it and it's fatiguing. Tried the usual suggestions of resetting PRAM, SMC, and running AHT (which ran to completion). This is the second one I've had that does this. The AppleCare rep assured me that they would support me if the uncooperative store manager insists on the 10% open box fee, esp. since I'm within the first 14 days, that I'm to call them directly if I get any push back. Quote from the rep: "I've never heard of anyone getting zinged with a restocking fee in the first 14 days." Really?! Time will tell how well this works out. Other than the high pitched whine, which is a show stopper for me, the only other issue I have is the strange moire/dithering effect on the top part of the screen, which I could probably live with were it not for the whiney noise

Specs: 27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB

Source of comments: Pinthea

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Date Arrived: 2009-11-30

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