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Comments: Basically before I put my iMac to sleep at night, I put the brightness down to 1 notch, so when I wake up in the morning and check my email the brightness doesn't damage my eyes! I done this the first night I got the iMac and the next morning, when I woke the iMac up from sleep the display was flickering. The image on the screen was no distorted, but it looked as if the backlight was flickering between a brighter and duller setting.

It is not extremely bad and the problem goes away after you set the brightness about 4 notches, but I was wondering if this was anything to worry about?

I have a friend who bought the same iMac as me, on the same day, from the same store and his has the same problem too.

I would appreciate it if new iMac users could check if their computer exhibits the same problem, as I am wondering if this is localised or not.

To recreate the flickering:

1. Set your brightness to 1 notch.
2. Put the computer to sleep.
3. Leave it in sleep for about 30 seconds.
4. Wake the computer up. Focus anywhere on the screen. Is it flickering?
5. Does the flickering go away when you put the brightness up?

You can also notice the problem when you shut the computer down on 1 notch of brightness, wait 30 seconds and start it up.

I have reinstalled Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) and this has not resolved the issue.

Specs: 21.5" 3.06 Core2Duo 500GB

Source of comments: Shaun Priest

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Date Shipped: 2009-10-24

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