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Comments: Two days ago i recieved my new iMac 21.5" in the standard 1TB configuration. And yes, there is a high-frequent noise f***ing up my ears. Factory: W8 Production Week: 48 The sound is away at full display brightness, and gets louder around 50-70% of brightness. In my opinion this noise is not fixable with a new firmware oder any other software solution. This is definitively a hardware problem. Apple will replace the device. I'll give them a chance, maybe the problem is fixed in another device. Apple Support and my local dealer said, that they haven't heard about the problem. That is hard to believe. Let's wait for another iMac.

Oh, how cool.
I just went on looking closer on my new iMac, and it is so cool! I just don't have the noisy screen. I have the yellow display phenomenon, too. Whoooohooooo. Thank you Apple, great Work. China rocks! yellow also

Specs: 21.5" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB

Source of comments: MarvMuc

Serial Number: W8948

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Date Arrived: 2009-12-09

Destination: Germany

Courier: DHL