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Comments: My iMac 21.5 (ATI graphics) is build in calendar week 46, Plant W8. Ordered and bought in a well known German media market chain - it took them 2 weeks to deliver. It makes the high pitched screen noise, but I can only hear it when all others in the house have gone to sleep (like right now). I'm wondering if I should keep the machine and maybe hope for a software fix (like spinning up the fans) or to replace it. The machine is perfect otherwise, no shades or dead pixels - it makes a little humming sound from the disk and fans resonating on my desk anyway, so you can't hear the weeping at daytime. The weeping is very very low volume, but I can make it out. It does not hurt when you really work at the machine, I am just concerned it may lead to an early death of my first and only Mac. If I had to wait for a new machine - I have no other PC left since I gave mine to the living room (an elderly single core PC) and took the old noisy shuttle barebone from the living room to the children (put Linux on it).

Specs: 21.5" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB

Source of comments: SuAlfons

Serial Number: W8946

Date Ordered:

Date Shipped: 2009-12-03

Date Arrived: 2009-12-13

Destination: Germany

Courier: Store