Viewing data for Flickering after Firmware Update

Total: 307

3.06C2D: 79
2.66i5: 84
2.8i7: 139


Screen Size
21.5": 1
27": 306


Hard Drive Size
1TB": 269
2TB": 38

Batch (Week Built)

09-39: 1
09-41: 1
09-42: 6
09-43: 6
09-45: 9
09-46: 16
09-47: 27
09-48: 20
09-49: 27
09-50: 59
09-51: 36
09-52: 44
09-53: 24
10-01: 19
10-02: 3
10-03: 1
10-04: 2
10-08: 1
10-15: 1
10-17: 1
10-21: 1
10-25: 1
10-28: 1

Fedex: 91
UPS: 68
DHL: 43
Store: 105

Australia: 11
Austria: 6
Belgium: 9
Canada: 22
Denmark: 9
Finland: 4
France: 14
Germany: 26
Hong Kong: 3
Italy: 11
Japan: 2
Korea: 1
Luxembourg: 1
Mexico: 4
Netherlands: 11
New Zealand: 2
Norway: 4
Poland: 1
Portugal: 2
Spain: 5
Swedan: 7
Switzerland: 4
Taiwan: 1
Thailand: 1
UK: 23
USA: 123

Source Specs Comments
Paul_31 27" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB Applied the update about an hour ago hoping it would fix my flickers. Sorry to report that it hasn't - they seem to be less than they were but not cured. I'm due to have my screen and LCD cable changed tomorrow so perhaps that'll do the trick. What a pain... Read More
OSXAlex 27" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB I have only experienced a mild flicker or two, but I can confirm that the firmware update does not seem to have solved the problem. I noticed a flicker within 5 minutes of restarting after the update... although I was in the Graphics/Display section of... Read More
dasinclair 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB I'm still experiencing flickering and blackouts even after the firmware update - they started about 3 hours after. My computer also seems to get really hot whenever a disk is inserted, even though the temps look okay.
drzeus 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Yes I can confirm that I am still experiencing flickering issues even AFTER the firmware update. In fact I applied and only 1-2 hrs later thinking it had fixed things the flickering has started again. It's less severe than it previously was but it most... Read More
Ra_ 27" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB Same flickering problem here. The update didn't solved it.
tallturtle 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Yes, same here. The flickering is back and the sudden black screen as well. Oh my...
Carlo B. 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB The firmware update did not work for mine (serial 945XXX). The replacement should arrive today after three weeks of wait, we'll see.
Phil B-C 27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB I'm on my second iMac 27 i5 and have been waiting with crossed fingers for this firmware update, unfortunately it hasn't work for me, if anything it's worse. Called Apple support who put me straight through to sales for replacement number 3. This is my... Read More
beepy 27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB This machine has had its display replaced, its v-sync cable replace, and the video card replaced. After 2 days of use, and applying the firmware update, blackouts/horizontal band flashing has started again. Very unhappy customer. Lots of time wasted... Read More
rusteze 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Some problem after firmware update...
27" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB Flickerings and blackouts back 2 hours after update
alexfr 27" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB still white flickering and dark screen flash after update black flash and yellow bottom
27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Never noticed a flicker until after the Firmware Update
rick.lang 27" 2.8 Quad i7 2TB Although i have never had a flicker before installing the Dec 21, 2009 4850 firmware fix, I just experienced my first screen going black for a second while browsing in Safari, followed by a several quick partial black flickers!!! Unbelievable!!! Thank you... Read More
27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB flicker began about 72 hours from arrival. Applied firmware, saw flickering and blacking-out within 24 hours. Called Apple Care and my case has been escalated and scheduled for a replacement. I am keeping this unit until new one arrives.
nanoamp 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Although used daily, I had flicker just once. I had blanking and tearing, with menu bar displaced to halfway, a couple of weeks ago. Reboot seemed to fix it. Yesterday I did the firmware update, and then today, I've had about 10 minutes of flickering to... Read More
sorincostache 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB i was so exited to get my new iMac 27" but as soon as i plugged it in started to flicker and behave just as described, for the top of the line "quadcore duo" this should not have happened. Anyway i took it back and there were no problems returning it. I... Read More
Patrick Seguin 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Ran the firmware update last night and had no flickering. Today I have flickering galore. I have no idea what to do now. I guess maybe return the machine?
UnixToy 27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB I have personally have seen this issue on ten Imacs after installing the firmware update!!!!!! It is a no go for the fix!
Sonics99 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Well mine flickered and blacked out today after the firmware update as well, surprise surprise. Guess I am calling apple tomorrow about my machine and seeing what I can get done.
gjdhks999 27" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB flickering/tearing has been occuring occasionally (once a day maybe, but not as seriously as some of the ones I've seen online), soi downloaded and installed the firmware update, but i'm still experiencing the same problem. What's the next step?
27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB I'm still experiencing flickering and blackouts even after the firmware update I'm still experiencing flickering and blackouts even after the firmware update 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB INSTALLED THE FIRMWARE UPDATE AND WAS FINE ALL DAY. TURNED OFF LAST NIGHT, WITHIN 2 HRS OF BOOTUP TODAY I GET FLICKERING BACK. SAME SYMPTOMS AS BEFORE.
27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB Very dissapointed with apple,I only purchased this computer because my macBook pro of only 2 years old had a video card problem that apple quoted me $2100 to fix Glass does not seem to be secured at the bottom of my screen
27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Worked for 4 days without a problem. Then when it woke from sleep this morning it started.
27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB Always shuttinging the iMac down does not help. It's my habit to shut down at end of work and I still see the symptoms. Divided Screen, menubar 1/4 way down the screen. Popping noises when screen flickers
27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Downloaded firmware update and the system message was that the imac did not require the update, indicating that it shipped with the update.
27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB Increased flickering after about 2 weeks of usage. Second iMac I got, same problem.
27" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB Bad flash performance
ludovic 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Screen started flickering and going ON/OFF after a few days of use (total usage maybe 30 hours). Firmware update done immediately after receiving the machine. Old 20" Cinema Display plugged into DisplayPort through ADCDVIMiniDisplayPort adapters remains... Read More
27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB Yellow screen is hardly noticeable, flickering started after update (rare but getting worse) Kernel Panics due to airport card
27" 2.8 Quad i7 2TB Flickering, Horizontal Band, screen blackout
narcosis 27" 2.8 Quad i7 2TB everything is fine APART from the damn display. SEEMS to affect only primary display; Secondary display does not seem to flicker. Also - reseting PRAM "seems" to help. Offset Screen display problem; bottom scrolls over to top
27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Flickering and shifting display even after update, replacement is orderd