Viewing data for Flickering after Firmware Update

Total: 307

3.06C2D: 79
2.66i5: 84
2.8i7: 139


Screen Size
21.5": 1
27": 306


Hard Drive Size
1TB": 269
2TB": 38

Batch (Week Built)

09-39: 1
09-41: 1
09-42: 6
09-43: 6
09-45: 9
09-46: 16
09-47: 27
09-48: 20
09-49: 27
09-50: 59
09-51: 36
09-52: 44
09-53: 24
10-01: 19
10-02: 3
10-03: 1
10-04: 2
10-08: 1
10-15: 1
10-17: 1
10-21: 1
10-25: 1
10-28: 1

Fedex: 91
UPS: 68
DHL: 43
Store: 105

Australia: 11
Austria: 6
Belgium: 9
Canada: 22
Denmark: 9
Finland: 4
France: 14
Germany: 26
Hong Kong: 3
Italy: 11
Japan: 2
Korea: 1
Luxembourg: 1
Mexico: 4
Netherlands: 11
New Zealand: 2
Norway: 4
Poland: 1
Portugal: 2
Spain: 5
Swedan: 7
Switzerland: 4
Taiwan: 1
Thailand: 1
UK: 23
USA: 123

Source Specs Comments
27" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB There was frequent flickering when I first booted up, since then I have not seen it, but I may just need to use it more.
27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Computer came shipped with firmware update already applied. Flickering still occurs when machine has been on for a while, especially after watching video or activating Bluetooth. Stuck Red/Green iSight Pixels
27" 2.8 Quad i7 2TB Very intermittent screen flickering 27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB Was fine for the first 4 days until I shut the unit down for 24 hours. Restarted after returning from a night away and viola! Flicker... ..blackout... ...flicker... ...blackout...
eckert16 27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB 4 days old, used ~4 hrs per night, screen flicks, blacks out Airport connectivity drops
lacidar 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB going to see if all the updates change anything guess it will have to go back the top menu bar descends 1/4 of the way down the screen and then the dock goes up above that to sit where the apple menu was found out the update has been applied already and... Read More
27" 2.8 Quad i7 2TB Not able to install the firmware update; says "Your computer does not need this update"
27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB shoddy from apple, this is my 2nd imac and im now fed up of carrying them around with me
27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB The bottom part of the screen is a bit uneven in brightness. Some yellow tinting.
27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Everything else has been ok, until the 2nd day when screen flickering started.
David Carrere 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Purchased from authorized reseller, who also installed additional 4GB RAM Flickering is the main issue, but hard drive (Seagate) is a little bit noisy for my tastes. Prob within spec, though.
imac_reaper 27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB This was my 1st replacement with the same problem as the 1st. Lets see how I go with the 3rd :-(
27" 2.8 Quad i7 2TB right side of screen with verticle lines and flickering after waking from sleep
27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB Started flickering after three days
27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Purchased from MacMall; Apple shipping replacement replacement directly and them sending this one back.
27" 2.8 Quad i7 2TB Problem did not occur immediately, only on 4th day of use; disappears after restart Dust particle UNDER glass display
BuyArt 27" 2.8 Quad i7 2TB Spent an hour on the phone with Apple Care, but that didn't fix the flickering/screen black out. Just spent an hour at Apple store running tests, and they couldn't find a problem. Will be sending back for replacement. FYI, while I was at the Genius Bar... Read More
27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB location: Czech Republic (not in country list)
27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB flickering started 3 weeks after received. Lower corners of screen yellow tint since new.
lacidar 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB called apple and they had me do the hardware test (extended) takes 24 minutes no problem found still flickering solution is to take it back to the dealer dock goes to top of screen above apple menu
27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB flickering issue appear today. I've run this new iMac only 5days! What a poor quality. I am disapointtd to apple
27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Started flickering and menu screen shifted dwon three inches after 3 days of use.
27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB also blackouts
keesvb 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Display was fine for the first 4 days, but now I left it on overnight to capture some video and it is flickering, and moves the bottom menubar to the top sometimes. I also notice the screen is more yellow in the bottom third of the screen.
27" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB Flickering before and afterfirmware update
27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB New firmware preinstalled. Flicker and black screen after one week but only one time. OK for last 3 days.
27" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB still flickering after update, but less often.
27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB The flickering begins when the graphic processor heats up over 50C / Graphic processor heatsink1 and Graphic processor temperature D)
loofah 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB No flicker/blackout for 2 weeks. Then started flickering sporadically until firmware update. A week or so after that started flickering again. Also has yellow tinge and excessive backlight bleeding at bottom right. backlight bleeding
27" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB Uneven display brightness (Slight Blue tinge on the right side of the screen)
27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB fragmented screen image
Magic Lightning 27" 2.8 Quad i7 2TB Mouse pointer jumps / external harddrive doesn't switch off in idle mode
27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB I had flickering, shifted display one so far (1 week). I'm not able to tell why and how this happened. I cannot reproduce it.
27" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB Sreen flicker affter 2 or 3 hours working, 5 or 6 hours works I get a shifted display. Everything goes back to normal after imac sleep. shifted display
27" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB flickering, when timemachine mounts the timecapsule
27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB one dead pixel, hardly noticable. yellow in the middle of the screen from top to down, the bottom is more yellow than the top
Willi Wurm 27" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB Flickering after one or two hours running
27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB black screen for a second, happened a couple of times