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Summary (27 total)

3.06C2D: 12
3.33C2D: 1
2.66i5: 5
2.8i7: 9

Graphics Card
NVIDIA 9400M: 3
ATI 4670: 10
ATI 4850: 14
Screen Size
21.5": 7
27": 20


Hard Drive Size
500GB": 3
1TB": 23
2TB": 1

Raw Data

Condition iMac Specs Source Comments
Yellow screen 21.5" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB Wolfdale This replacement has the same problem as the original. White point shifts from somewhat blue (top left) to very yellow (bottom right). It's not as prominent as my first machine, but I still find it too distracting for everyday use. It gives everything on... Read More
Flickering display 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Seems to happen if I am viewing Quicktime. Happened yesterday when I was viewing the iPad Keynote
Yellow screen 27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB SLIGHT YELLOW TINT
Other issue 27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB I ordered it Jan 13th, it was scheduled to ship yesterday Jan 28th, this morning I have an email from Apple pushing the ship date to Feb 12... I cant risk having a faulty machine. Its my primary revenue generator. Im canceling the order, will go buy... Read More
Yellow screen 27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB My second iMac arrived an hour ago; the yellow is not as visible as in my previous week 52 model but it's still clearly there. Apple obviously hasn't solved this issue yet... What a major disappointment!
Dead pixels 27" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB 8 total dead pixels, 3 big ones in center of screen
Other issue 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Why is the "Date arrived" required? IT HASN'T ARRIVED YET! Made the order in November. Still no sign of the machine...
Yellow screen 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB
Other issue 27" 2.8 Quad i7 2TB Cancelled the order (3-feb-2010). Waiting for more than 2 months and the reseller does not have a clue when I could expect the thing to arrive. I'll wait till all the problems are fixed and shipping time is back to normal.
Yellow screen 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Worse than the first one!!!!
Other issue 27" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB I got my I Mac yesterday, I turned it off when I went to bed last night and when I woke up this morning I could not turn it back on. I have a co-worker that had the same problem and had to return it. Anyone else out there have this problem?
flickering,firmware,other,yellow,pixels 27" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB flickering backlight when brightness is below 3
Yellow screen 21.5" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB
yellow,noisy-hd 27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB Yellow tinge, not as bad as seen in screenshots, but still there. Not booting, just showing white screen. Not sure if it has to do with peripherals
noisy-screen,pixels,noisy-hd,noisy-fans 27" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB disgraceful
Yellow screen 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Yellow bottom right hand side approx 4 inches diameter. Being sent back to aplle for replacement
other,yellow,pixels 27" 2.66 Quad i5 1TB Replacement mac, even worse than the first one Very noisy dvd drive
Yellow screen 27" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB
Flickering display 21.5" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB
other,pixels 21.5" 3.06 Core2Duo 500GB dvd payer scratches discs
Dead pixels 27" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB chuckcastle Bought from Apple Store, The Grove in Los Angeles. Immediately noticed a dead pixel dead-center of the screen. Finally got some time to take it back today and the Genius said I qualified for a swap because it was a "speck of dust" and not a dead pixel. ... Read More
other,yellow 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB Ed Had the LCD panel replaced and still have the yellowing problem. Absolute disappointment. Currently considering returning the machine for good. There is so much dust under the glass now it is difficult to identify dead pixels. Wouldn't recommend getting... Read More
Yellow screen 21.5" 3.06 Core2Duo 1TB ideutsch Bottom 1/3 of screen has yellow tinge, strongest in lower right corner.
Other issue 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB The iMac arrived at 2010-02-02 is already my second - and it has the same dead power network like the first one. dead lan network, power network
Yellow screen 21.5" 3.06 Core2Duo 500GB
yellow,noisy-hd 21.5" 3.06 Core2Duo 500GB
Other issue 27" 2.8 Quad i7 1TB dead after three months