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Screen Size
21.5": 27
27": 32


Hard Drive Size
500GB": 2
1TB": 51
2TB": 6
Batch (Week Built)
09-43: 7
09-44: 5
09-45: 3
09-46: 6
09-47: 4
09-48: 5
09-49: 2
09-50: 8
09-51: 4
09-52: 2
09-53: 1
10-01: 2
10-02: 2
10-03: 1
10-06: 1
10-07: 1
10-09: 1
10-10: 1
10-23: 1
10-25: 2

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robotkiller 27" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB I could work for hours on the computer and then suddenly it would flicker randomly with a band of horizontal static bars about 3 inches thick momentarily or, alternatively, it would black out for a fraction of a second (happened every 5-10 mins).
mactoubib 27" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB It is easily reproducible, by just activating the screen saver arabesque or activating TimeMachine.
Michael Hanscom 27" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB occasional 'flickers' of static bars across the screen, sometimes the screen blacks out entirely for a half-second or so, and twice I've had the desktop 'shift/wrap' downwards, showing the menu bar about three inches below the top of the physical scr
Zeta9 21.5" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB Top 2 brightness levels, sound is gone/weak. Go down near half and sound gets louder and extremely annoying. I noticed this the second day.
Woaha 21.5" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB Whistle sound appears when around 50% brightness.
Woaha 21.5" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB Replacement iMac that still has the brightness related screen noise + dead pixel. Finally got a refund, even though it was a BTO configuration. + 1 Dead pixel
27" 3.33 Core2Duo 2TB Flickering begins several hours after rebooting, and during moderate CPU activity. 21.5" 3.33 Core2Duo 500GB From 0 to 50% brightness only. Not >50%
MattCrellin 21.5" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB When running Windows the whistle disappears... Thats right, if I hold down alt so I can choose which OS to load I here the distinct whistle however as soon as windows begins to load the whistle disappears. I can run windows for hours without trouble -... Read More
Cbird2009 21.5" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB I decided to keep my iMac and learn to deal with the noise. I can definitely hear the whistle if Im within six inches of the machine. I cant hear the noise from where a usually sit. What annoys me is that if Im using the machine for an extended period... Read More
Beatnick 21.5" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB I took my 21.5" to the Apple store after speaking to technical support and the guy there did not hesitate to diagnose the whistle as a fault. He said it was the inverter(? is that right) and offered to fix it, but then offered me a replacement which I... Read More
shirltom 27" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB When I first recvd my 1st IMAC 27, the trainer noticed that the screen was flickering. So I had to wait another 2 days for a replacement. On Nov. 18 I recvd my replacement and everything was fine. Then on Dec. 6 I noticed that my screen was flickering.... Read More
Charzzy 21.5" 3.33 Core2Duo 2TB I've been using my replacement iMac for a few days now and it still has the high-pitch whistle when the brightness is in the middle, although it is not as loud as the previous iMac (which was headache-inducing!) so I think I'm going to keep it as it is... Read More
quehartera 27" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB I got my 27inch mac last week and my screen is flickering as well... It doesnt happen the same way everytime... looks something aleatory... I can be 5 hours without any problem, and the next time itll flickr 10 times every 5 minutes (example)... Im... Read More
27" 3.33 Core2Duo 2TB Took 4 calls and over 3 hours on the phone to get Apple to accept return/exchange
ArMyZ 27" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB I'm experiencing random flickering issues too. Totally random. I installed OS from scratch, no restore or import tools at all. Obviously I'm just out of the 14 days, of course (but I bought apple care plan too). When flickering issue comes, rebooting I... Read More
27" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB was the second of three replacements which had all the same screen flickering issue dock moves up to top of screen, weird black/white bar across the screen
bignewf 27" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB I haven't even opened it yet and I can hear glass rolling around inside the box Glass is completely shattered.
27" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB sent back for replacement super drive bad
annerbo1mu 27" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB iMovie crashes as well Boot problem after sleep moed
redlink 27" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB Also experiencing the random flicker and the 2 inch horizontal b&w stripes sometimes at the bottom of the screen, sometimes near the top, where it makes the menu inaccessible.
21.5" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB Firewire 800 Port was working for 3 days only, now dead Firewire 800 port defect after 3 days
vaughnbrian 27" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB My first 27in i5 iMac came in early November, it was produced on week 45..Flickering and black outs were noticed one or two days after getting it. After 5 calls and a trip to a Apple authorized tech. who could not reproduce the problem..Finally Apple sent... Read More
Paul_31 27" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB Applied the update about an hour ago hoping it would fix my flickers. Sorry to report that it hasn't - they seem to be less than they were but not cured. I'm due to have my screen and LCD cable changed tomorrow so perhaps that'll do the trick. What a pain... Read More
21.5" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB this is the 2nd ; previous had only one dead pixel
27" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB Lower third of screen shifts to upper third
21.5" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB isight- 4 dead pixels
meeko 21.5" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB It actually shipped from Czech Republic...
Wolfdale 21.5" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB Prominent color shift from top left (blue cast) to bottom right (yellow cast). Somewhat noticeable left-to-right. Very noticeable top-to-bottom. Also, one of the fans makes an intermittent chatter noise after the system is warmed up. I could probably live... Read More
21.5" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB Dispaly green line
27" 3.33 Core2Duo 2TB it's flicker is short, but is really irritable.
omadlom 21.5" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB This is my 3rd Imac!!!! Still has the yellow tinge, which is a bit worse this time than the other two on the bottom third of the screen as per usual. However I will be keeping this one as it doesn't have the crazy dog whistle that the other 2 did. That... Read More
Wolfdale 21.5" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB This replacement has the same problem as the original. White point shifts from somewhat blue (top left) to very yellow (bottom right). It's not as prominent as my first machine, but I still find it too distracting for everyday use. It gives everything on... Read More
21.5" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB Very slight tint in right hand corner, but this may be due to the backlight not being as bright as on the right hand side Slight whine when display is not on maximum brightness vanishes when set to 2 bars under 50%
Nikonguy 21.5" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB Frequently Freezes
21.5" 3.33 Core2Duo 1TB no other problems