About the iMac Problems

Some people ordering new Apple iMacs (late 2009) have been experiencing issues such as cracked glass, flickering displays, yellow tinged screens, noisy screens, CD/DVD drives scratching discs, drive failures, etc. This site is an attempt to record and see how widespread these problems are and if there are any similarities (such as build date, shipping, etc.).

The data presented here is based on information submitted by people on this web site or taken from comments posted in Apple's Discussion boards (this is an "unscientific" survey and as such should not be considered representative of all iMacs sold). The vast majority of computers received by customers are problem free and this site is only meant to collect and present some common problems that users are experiencing.

If you recently purchased a new iMac please add your info (good experiences and bad). You can also browse the data collected so far.

Update Feb. 1

Apple has released a second firmware update for 27-inch iMac systems to address issues that may cause intermittent display flickering (the first update must be installed as well).

Update Jan. 21

The shipment times for the 27-inch iMacs have been now increased to 3 weeks.

Update Jan. 16

Added a new page detailing the issue of CD/DVD drives scratching discs, a page that shows the relative build quality for each week of production, and FAQ page. Also, several people have reported receiving e-mails or phone calls from Apple stating that their projected delivery times are being delayed by 2 weeks.

Update Jan. 12

I received a new iMac today (my third so far) and it has a very yellow screen. Some photos and notes can be viewed on the yellow tinge page.

Update Jan. 8

The shipment times for the 27-inch iMacs have been reduced to 1 week at most of the online Apple stores (although the USA store still lists the Quad i5 and Quad i7 models at 2 weeks).

Update Dec. 21

Apple has released a firmware update for ATI Radeon HD 4670 and 4850 graphics cards to address issues that may cause image corruption or the display to flicker. (Some people are reporting that their computers are still flickering after the update though.)

Update Dec. 12

Computerworld has now posted an article regarding how the issues with the new iMacs are causing Apple to delay shipments to customers. If you have any further information you'd like to share feel free to contact us or Computerworld.

Update Dec. 9

We have received several reports from Apple resellers that all shipments of 27" iMacs have been delayed by 2 weeks as Apple is in the process of replacing the graphics card. The shipment time on the Apple Store has also been changed to say "Ships 2 weeks". Some people also are reporting that they are being advised their projected ship dates are being pushed back.

It is uncertain whether this hardware issue affects all 27" iMacs and a recall will be necessary.

Recent Comments

Hard drive failure: drive failure after 5 years of 24/7 use - replaced with 4TB hybrid and now all OK

Noisy Screen: screen emits high pitched tone, especially when on full brightness

other,noisy-fans: Out of box had problems with fan running continuously and then started to lock up System Lockup

Noisy fans: Fans spin up after the machine has been on for a week, put it to sleep, wake immediately and they calm down again for another week,

yellow,harddrive: Ghosting top right corner

other,DOA: Video card overheated, replaced, heated killed to Expansion slots for ram in board

flickering,firmware: Black screen but work with external monitor Black screen

Yellow screen: Yellow corners. Replaced three times, now half yellow on right side

Other issue: Smudging on screen behind glass, bout in currys about 1,5 yare ago, Smudging on screen behind glass

other,yellow: Blotches on left and right top corner of screen; display will not wake from sleep

DOA (won't boot): this is the 3rd one in 2 weeks will not boot after sleeping

flickering,yellow: Mid 2011 Model! Display starts flickering after a year of use in the left half, then after a few days left side was darker tha the rest. Display was replaced, then the lower third is yellow ....

Flickering display: HALF SCREEN LOW LIGHT

Other issue: I will never buy another Apple product. iPhone 3GS is just as goofy and quirky. iMac 27" faint pink, green, yellow areas, wavy lines from noise, and gray clouds various areas on screen or inside, screen replaced 3 times! iMac 24" before with similar... Read More

Other issue: Dark spots on screen,